I got married...now what?

So you've spent the last several months - heck, the last year - planning that perfect day and you finally tied the knot! It's been a month and your days aren't spent thinking about trim and lace and how those invitations will turn out. Now what? Here's some things to do with all your free time!


Take your dress to get professionally cleaned. 

If you're thinking about preserving your wedding gown, there are several preservation services available in Richmond. I used the preservation box from David's Bridal (they were having a discount at the time and I pounced on that deal!), but you can preserve your gown at any bridal store.

Start the process for changing your name (if you are)

This can be the most tedious task with all the form filling, but once you have a checklist, it can be done quickly and all you have to do is wait in the mail for the documents to arrive! It's best to get this done early so it's not hanging over your head for months. I've known plenty of brides who've been married for a year and didn't start the process (even though they still planned on changing their names!). Check out this post on what documents to consider changing. 

Talk about finances. 

Nobody wants to talk about money, but it's SO important. I would hope that you and your partner would have talked about finances before getting married. This is more of a prompt to get you started thinking about what to do about money once you're married. Did you already decide on opening a joint account? Then do it!  No sense in waiting to open it; it takes all of maybe an hour to set up. A good idea would be to take the cash or checks you both received as wedding gifts and put it as starter money towards your joint checking account. 

Enjoy being married!

Now that all the planning is said and done, and the lights have died down and the music fades away, you're left with you and your partner - finally married!  It can be a good feeling to not have to plan anything. Enjoy each other's company and enjoy the feeling of being married. It's not just a piece of paper - that marriage certificate is a symbol of the union and love that you two chose to start together.