Road Trip 2.0 - Southern Colorado

We had the greatest pleasure of being able to explore Southern Colorado for our 2nd road trip. This time, we took 5 days off to drive down Southwest Colorado so we took our time and it was definitely worth it! I'm moving out of Colorado in several weeks, so this was a last hoo-rah for me to see the rest of Colorado that I never had a chance to see. 

Things I will miss about Colorado:

  1. Epic sunsets
  2. DRY AIR! (humidity is the devil...)
  3. Mountain views
  4. Hiking
  5. Outdoor adventures - rafting, climbing....everything!
  6. Mountain towns
  7. Noosa yogurt
  8. Dazbog coffee
  9. All the yoga studios you could ever want
  10. Everyone being so nice to you...even strangers!


Since I didn't have my car and we didn't want to limit our possibilities with a sedan, we rented a car for our 5 day road trip. It was hands the best road trip car we have ever had - a Grand Jeep Cherokee. I swear, we could have had made a commercial with this car with all the epic Colorado backdrops and views. See for yourself:


black canyon of the gunnison

The mini grand canyon of Colorado (aren't there so many?) - we didn't hike down since we didn't have the time to do it, but we certainly did drive the North rim and looked into the canyon. No words can describe such greatness and clarity one gets when you're beholden to the power of Mother Nature - so much history!  The stars are amazing when there's no light pollution in the mountains - by far the best experience we've had car camping (and we're usually #glamping people)


Ouray, telluride, durango

We spent the majority of our time exploring these mountain towns. We've been to quite a few mountain towns in the past, and to be honest, one of our top favorites is Telluride. There's something about this town that is so beautiful - the people, the festivals. The hiking was fantastic - definitely should see Bridal Veil Falls I can't wait to return to Telluride during ski season! and definitely go through the Million Dollar Highway from Ouray to Durango - totes worth the views!  Shaun is scared of heights and he made it through (there are several areas of highway road that don't have guardrails so you're looking straight down into the ravine!)

Colorado will always hold a special place in our hearts. It's where we officially joined our lives together (see our elopement pics in Aspen here!), where we met some of the most incredible people that have opened their hearts and homes to us, and a city where we truly felt proud to live there.  So cheers to you, Colorado, for making the past several years the best years of our lives. Until next time!